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Excellent quality of life is critical to the attraction and retention of skilled and talented workers, which are essential to the success of growing a business. The Mesquite region's exceptional quality of life is attractive to businesses, individuals, and tourists alike. The combination of spectacular scenery and recreational opportunities, excellent climate and air quality, arts and cultural facilities as well as superb health care and public school system make the Mesquite region an easy choice. Reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, and a great choice of neighborhoods and residences add to the Virgin Valley's overall attractiveness, to both young and old.

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Nevada’s tax advantages:

Nevada ranks a very favorable third in the Tax Foundation’s 2012 Business Tax Climate Index, an independent ranking of states in five areas of taxation: corporate taxes; individual income taxes, sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and taxes on property, including residential and commercial property.

The Tax Climate Index comparison to neighboring states is significant: California ranks 48th, Arizona 27th, Idaho 21st, Oregon 13th and Utah 10th.

In addition to the Tax Climate Index, Nevada ranks second in the nation for lowest state and local tax burden – an estimated 7.5% of income.

Unlike nearly all other states, Nevada has no Corporate or Personal Income Tax – what you earn is what you keep and what you have available to re-invest.

The state’s historically strong logistics and distribution business sector is as much a statement of tax policy – no Inventory Tax – as it is of the excellence of its air, rail and highway arterial infrastructure and proximity to major markets and ports.

There is also no Franchise Tax or Unitary Tax, which means you don’t pay for the privilege of being in business in Nevada, or for being in Nevada and operating components of your business elsewhere.

Finally, Nevada has no Estate or Inheritance Tax, which makes it attractive to retirees and others with substantial estates.

Nevada business incentives:

For businesses in key industries willing to make multi-year commitments to jobs and capital investments, Nevada offers an attractive package of incentives through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The incentives include:

  • Catalyst Fund, a $10 million fund that was created by the 2011 Nevada Legislature to aid with business relocation and expansion. Applications for consideration are available through the state’s regional development authorities.
  • Sales and use tax abatements on qualified capital equipment purchases, with reductions in the rate to as low as 2%.
  • Modified business tax abatements of 50 percent of the 1.17% rate on quarterly wages exceeding $85,000.
  • Personal property tax abatements, not to exceed 50% over a maximum of 10 years.
  • Real and personal property tax abatements of up to 50% for up to 10 years for qualified recycling businesses.
  • “Train Employees Now” matching grants of up to 25% for training programs for eligible employees.
  • Employee hiring incentives under the Silver State Works program, of up to $2,000 for each state-qualified employee hired.