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Excellent quality of life is critical to the attraction and retention of skilled and talented workers, which are essential to the success of growing a business. The Mesquite region's exceptional quality of life is attractive to businesses, individuals, and tourists alike. The combination of spectacular scenery and recreational opportunities, excellent climate and air quality, arts and cultural facilities as well as superb health care and public school system make the Mesquite region an easy choice. Reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, and a great choice of neighborhoods and residences add to the Virgin Valley's overall attractiveness, to both young and old.



 Top Five Reasons!

Nevada has consistently been considered one of the most livable states, and the Mesquite area is no exception. Nevada provides businesses and residents a competitive sales tax environment (no tax on food items for home use, medicine or services), relatively low property tax rates, and minimal employer payroll taxes. Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. has compiled the Top Five Reasons to relocate your business where life is REMARKABLE!

• #5. Low TaxesNevada ranks 3rd overall on the State Business Tax Climate Index for 2014. This is a compilation of corporate, individual income, sales, unemployment insurance, and property taxes.

• #4. Low Utility Rates: Mesquite's utility rates are some of the lowest rates around, lower than Arizona, California, and Florida.

• #3. Educated Workforce & Exceptional Talent: 21% of the workforce has an Associates degree or higher. Engineers, administrators, executives, artists, farmers, ranchers, IT professionals, publishers, Mesquite is home to all.

• #2. Affordable Housing & Low Cost of Living: Mesquite is the home of the Del Webb "Sun City" retirement community as well as a variety of neighborhoods with a wide range of home prices - from high end state of the art homes to modest single-family homes.

• #1. Quality of Life: Enjoy the New West and be part of a community that is "Spirited by the Outdoors." The Mesquite region has more opportunities for outdoor recreation within a 100-mile radius of its boundaries than any other city in the Western U.S. In fact, Mesquite is recognized as Nevada's Ultimate Golf Experience.